IntroductionOur center is committed to strengthening global competitiveness of the domestic footwear industry and product excellence through footwear performance standardization and certification systems

About Business

Building outline of footwear performance standardization and certification systems
Footwear Industrial Promotion Center aims to enhance the international competitiveness of the domestic footwear industry by evaluating performance/quality/safety performance of footwear objectively and scientifically through shoe performance standardization and certification systems.
  • Purpose
    Standardization and certification systems of footwear functionality, quality, and safety performance that can demonstrate the excellence of domestic shoe products through objective and scientific evaluation of footwear functionality.
  • Details
    • Building footwear performance evaluation system equipment with a footwear performance evaluation database
    • Development and standardization of footwear performance evaluation specifications
    • Certificate service support through footwear performance evaluation
    • Common use of system equipment and professional manpower training
    • Footwear performance evaluation analysis report and academic activity support
    • Footwear performance evaluation company difficulty technology support

Footwear biomechanical performance evaluation
  • Analysis system by functional footwear product

    • Walking shoe, well-being shoe, running shoe, etc.
    • Effects on human body and evaluation of special functions and footwear functionality
  • External environmental change analysis systems

    • Hiking shoes, marathon shoes, combat shoes, etc.
    • Functional evaluation of shoes in response to changes of external environment (temperature, humidity, etc.)가
  • Analysis system by sports motion

    • Basketball shoe, soccer shoe, golf shoe, etc.
    • Evaluation of impact and functionality of shoe on sports action

평가항목 - 발압력, 충격량, 근육피로, 온도변화, 보행동작, 운동성능, 부하, 관절각도 등

Excellent footwear certification systems
Verification of excellent products through evaluation of footwear functionality (Use of self-certification mark and KAS certification mark)